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Kangen Water » Enagic Leveluk K8 and SD 501 Review, Comparison

Enagic's Leveluk K8 and SD 501 Reviews

The most popular kangen water machines are Leveluk K8 and  Leveluk SD501 as well as SD 501 Platinum, which is the fancy version of the SD 501.

The Leveluk K8 is Enagic’s flagship water ionizer, which has the most platinum coated plates and has the most updated features. The vast majority of new customer will either purchase a Leveluk K8 or Leveluk SD501 since they are the top on the line and most heavily advertised machines. 

Prior to the creation of K8, the SD501 and the Platinum version were the top of the line machines. In terms of performance, they are essentially the same, and the main difference is in the looks. SD501 Platinum has an upscale look to it.



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