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Enagic's Leveluk K8 and SD 501 Reviews

The most popular kangen water machines are Leveluk K8 and  Leveluk SD501 as well as SD 501 Platinum, which is the fancy version of the SD 501.

The Leveluk K8 is Enagic’s flagship water ionizer, which has the most platinum coated plates and has the most updated features. The vast majority of new customer will either purchase a Leveluk K8 or Leveluk SD501 since they are the top on the line and most heavily advertised machines. 

Prior to the creation of K8, the SD501 and the Platinum version were the top of the line machines. 

In terms of performance, all 3 machines are essentially the same, by that I mean they all produce kangen water, which is what most users are after. 

The main differences are in the looks and features. SD501 Platinum has an upscale look to it and therefore cost a couple hundred dollars more, while K8 is a newer design.

Leveluk K8 vs Leveluk SD501 Comparison

Drinking Kangen water, instead of any regular water, can make a big difference in our health. It may be news to you, and it’s possible that you just recently heard about its benefits.

More and more, as information spreads, families are realizing that they can improve their quality of life simply by changing the kind of water they drink.

Simply put, while acidic water can be harmful in the long run, incorporating Kangen water into your health habits will yield many benefits. And those benefits can be felt quite fast.

Those who develop the habit of drinking Kangen water often share that they felt an improvement in their heart health, as well as their skin glow and bone strength. Kangen water can boost your energy levels, as well as your hydration, lowering the acidic levels in the bloodstream and improving overall digestion. And that’s just to mention a few benefits.

Sound awesome, we know. But what can we do to have good, high-quality alkaline water in the comfort of our homes? The answer is that your need an alkaline water machine and, in this article, we’ll compare the two best ones, to help you decide which one to choose: the Leveluk K8 and the Leveluk SD501.

Leveluk K8 Kangen Machine
Leveluk SD501 Kangen Machine

What is an Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine?

Alkaline water machines are home appliances that allow you to treat your own high-quality, healthy water at home, at your convenience. Some people also call them water ionizers because they use the ionizing process to separate acidic elements from alkaline ones, ensuring you only get the best possible nutrients into your body.

There are many different types of alkaline water machines out there, and two stand out: the Leveluk K8 and the Leveluk SD501.

We want to find out the differences between those machines and their features. Our goal is that you’re able to make the best decision possible when purchasing your alkaline water machine and incorporating alkaline water into your lifestyle.

Leveluk SD501 - Pros and Cons

The Leveluk SD501 alkaline water machine is Enagic®’s most popular home model, and it’s entirely possible that you’ve already heard about it or seen one at a friend’s house. Once you get to know what this machine is capable of, you begin to understand why it’s so loved.

Incredibly convenient and easy to use, the Leveluk SD501 has been chosen by many families because it’s compact and effective. To start treating your water, all you need to do is to connect the machine to your kitchen faucet.

Just like that, you can start producing Kangen water to drink and cook. The Leveluk SD501 can produce all five Enagic® kinds of water, allowing you to always have at hand the exact kind of water you need. In other words, it couldn’t be any easier to incorporate it into your family’s life.

One of the big pros for the Leveluk SD501 is that it’s a machine that’s been around for a while – it’s been tested over and over again and it does a great job. It’s as reliable as it gets. It’s also cheaper than other machines, which gives many families the benefit of affordability.

The con (especially for technology lovers) is that there are more modern options out there. But don’t underestimate the Leveluk SD501: it’s a great family alkaline machine, practical and incredibly powerful at the same time.

Here are some useful facts about it, that you should consider when deciding which machine to purchase:

  • Contains 7 electrode plates
  • Manual on/off switch, easy to operate
  • 5-year warranty
  • Strong and potent
  • Produces 5 types of water, with the pH ranging from 2.5 to 11.5
  • Price point: $3,980.

Leveluk K8 - Pros and Cons

The Leveluk K8 is considered by many to be the best alkaline water machine in the marketplace right now. It does everything the Leveluk SD501 does, with a twist: it has 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates.

In other words, it not only has one extra plate, but those places receive a special coating that helps the machine deliver even better results, by improving considerably the ionization process.

This new technology, which was recently developed and applied to the Leveluk K8, increases the antioxidant production potential – which, simply put, means that the water it produces is potentially more powerful and effective in keeping you and your family healthy and strong.

The extra plate also makes the Leveluk K8 faster than the other machines, treating the water at a speed that is quite impressive. But that’s not the only novelty of this machine.

The Leveluk K8 also has a big full-color LCD touchscreen panel and incredibly modern looks. Also, it turns on and off automatically, as the water flows. That makes this machine extra convenient, but also energy saving. There’s nothing like the Leveluk K8 out there!

The Leveluk K8 is very versatile and user-friendly. For example, the Leveluk K8 has a multi-voltage power supply, which allows it to be easily used anywhere in the world.

It also operates in 8 different languages, making sure clients all over the world can fully take advantage of it. You can operate the Leveluk K8 in Japanese, English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese.

The Leveluk K8 can generate all five types of Enagic® water: Strong Kangen Water, Kangen Water, Neutral, Acidic Water, and Strong Acidic Water. You can treat and produce water in the comfort of your home, according to your needs.

Top of its line, there are many pros to the Leveluk K8 machine. There’s no doubt it’s an outstanding choice for people to appreciate high technology and love modern devices. The only con would be the higher price point – which we could argue isn’t a con, considering all the new technology added to it and the new benefits it brings.

Here are some facts about it you shouldn’t miss out on:

  • 8 electrode plates
  • Plates are covered with platinum
  • Strong and potent
  • 5-year warranty
  • Produces 5 types of water, with the pH ranging from 2.5 to 11.5
  • Price point: $4,980

Let Us Help You!

Choosing to drink Kangen water is an easy decision, especially after you find out about all the benefits it brings to your health. However, choosing which alkaline water machine to buy can be challenging, and we understand that.

There are so many factors to consider before making a purchase: the size of the machine, its capacity, and the material used to build it are only some examples of what you should consider before choosing a machine to bring home.

If you aren’t sure which is the best choice for your family, let us help you. Our team is ready to talk to you and help you find out which machine and which payment plan is the most convenient for you.

We’ve seen firsthand the good changes that an alkaline water machine brings to families all around, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on it. We’d love to assist you in clearing out all your questions. So, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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