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Kangen Water Benefits

Drinking a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated is very important, especially since 70% of our body is made of water and consequently, proper hydration is key to keeping us healthy.

Although most of us know that, many are learning that quality of water is extremely important and not all water is created equal.

Below, you’ll learn why Kangen Water is so beneficial, and what actual benefits you can reap by drinking it.

What Are The Benefits of Kangen Water?

There are many benefits to drinking Kangen water that range from mind clarity to gastrointestinal health improvement, but here are Top 5 benefits most people notice:

  • Increasing hydration, energy levels – the micro-clustering properties make Kangen water better absorbed by the body, thus improving your hydration levels.
  • Antioxidizing properties, free radical elimination – due to the negatively-charged hydrogen, it helps your body heal and fight inflammation.
  • Balancing acidity in our bodies – Due to high PH of the water, it helps balance your body’s PH to healthy levels.
  • Cleansing and rejuvenating skin cells – due to its detoxifying and cleansing properties, it helps with acne clearing and rejuvenation, as well as skin glow.
  • Improving concentration and focus – because it detoxifies your body, it can improve your ability to focus and how you digest your food.

Those are the most notable examples. Some studies have shown that acidic water (which is the opposite of Kangen water) stimulates tumor growth – which, by inference, could potentially indicate that alkaline water could have the opposite effect and prevent them from growing.

study by Japanese scientists suggests that Kangen water may help with serious gastrointestinal issues, such as stomachaches and heartburn, among other things. Other studies seem to indicate that Kangen water helps keep bones strong, as we grow older.

Although much of the research is still preliminary, the expectation is that with time many more benefits are scientifically proven.

It is clear that the habit of drinking Kangen water can benefit your digestive health, help your skin glow, boost your energy levels and even aid in battling serious diseases.

On a personal note, I have experienced great results with weight loss, when combining healthy amounts of Kangen water with intermittent fasting and proper diet. It helped me keep my energy up and focus throughout the day while losing fat and retaining muscle.

Kangen Water And pH Levels

The acronym pH stands for “potential hydrogen” and is a measurement that indicates how acidic or alkaline a substance is. Any substance can be measured for its pH, not only water (See PH chart below). Learn more about 

The pH in substances varies between 0 and 14. Zero is very acidic, while 14 is very alkaline. The number 7 is considered neutral.

To help you understand what pH is, think of the following examples: a lemon usually falls around 2 on a pH scale and is considered very acidic. On the opposite side of the spectrum, baking soda usually is an 8 or a 9 – indicating it’s very alkaline.

The water most people drink is should fall between 6.5 and 8 on the pH scale. However, most waters (including tap water) fall at a 7 or below. It means they are neutral at best – which isn’t the most healthy option. 

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