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Kangen Water Pyramid Scheme, MLM or a Scam?

Kangen water is NOT a pyramid scheme, but Enagic’s sales structure certainly is Multi Level Marketing. The difference between the two is kangen water, which is a valuable product that people desire and the fact that there’s no direct financial incentive to recruit new people. When someone purchases a kangen water machine, they can choose to sign up as a distributor, and many choose not to. Folks want the kangen machine more than the “opportunity”.

You can read more about how MLM and Pyramid Scheme are different by following this link.

With a pyramid scheme, the sole purpose is to recruit new members into the program. Pyramid schemes do NOT have a real or valuable product to sell. The fact that you’re looking into buying a Kangen Water machine means that Enagic HAS a real product that many people value and want.

There area two ways, that a company can market their product:

  1.  Buy radio advertising, hire door to door sales people, make radio ads, cold call, build business relationships, etc.. This is a more traditional way to market a product.
  2. Another way to market a product, is to create a Multi Level Marketing program and incentivize people who love the product, to sell to their circle of friends. Each time they sell the product, they receive a commission and can build a business by signing up their friends to be part of their team.

This is a very basic breakdown, but it’s EXTREMELY important to understand the difference between an MLM and a pyramid scheme.

Kangen Machines are the difference. So don’t let internet fools BS you into believing that Enagic and Kangen Water are a scam and a pyramid scheme. All they want is to convince you that kangen water is bad and sell you their lower quality machine.

Check out the video below, it breaks down the differences fairly well.

Is Kangen Water a Scam?

While many competitors will do their best to convince you otherwise, Kangen Water is NOT a scam. It’s simply a premium water ionizer machine which produces amazing water and many people around the world swear by it. Kangen Water machines are made by Enagic, which is a Multi Level Marketing company based in Japan.

Enagic began its existence in Japan in June of 1974 and has since expanded to being a worldwide company with branches all the the world, multiple of which are in the United States. The company has existed for over 40 years now, so how can it be a scam??

Their machines are also well known in Japan and are indeed consider to be medical grade devices in JapanBelow are snapshots of PDF certificates to prove it, located on Enagic’s Asia branch website.

Kangen water machines are also widely used in Japanese hospitals. For Japanese people it seems like its more about health, rather than selling the kangen machines.

Kangen water pyramid scheme or mlm

Bottom line is that Enagic is a 40+ year old Japanese company that makes iconic Kangen Water machines like Leveluk K8 and SD501. They are a Multi Level Marketing company, but it’s simply their way of marketing their product. There is no scam and there is no pyramid scheme going on. Enagic creates a premium product and has distributors who sell it at a premium price. Each buyer is give an opportunity to become a distributor, which they are not obligated to take. It’s that simple.

Some things to be aware of… Like with anything in life, there are folks who are honest and mean well, and they are those who just want your money and will tell you whatever you want to hear (aka lie). This is definitely something to be on the lookout for. If you hear something that sound a little too good to be true, be sure to trust but verify. 

If you’re thinking about investing in a kangen water machine, I would highly recommend it.

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