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Enagic's Leveluk SD501 Kangen Water Machine

The Leveluk SD501 Kangen Water Machine is a state-of-the-art device that transforms ordinary tap water into alkaline, antioxidant-rich water. With its advanced filtration system and unique ionization process, the SD501 offers a variety of health benefits for both the mind and body.

Leveluk SD501 Features and Benefits

This machine features a sleek and stylish design that fits seamlessly into any home or office. It has a large LCD display that provides real-time information about the water’s pH level and antioxidant potential. 

The SD501 also has a convenient self-cleaning function that ensures the device remains hygienic and free of mineral buildup.


It is capable of producing five different types of water, each with its own specific health benefits.

The 5 types of water are:

  • Strong Kangen Water – 11.5 pH
  • Kangen Water – 8.5 to 9.5 pH
  • Neutral Water – 7 pH
  • Beauty Water – 6 pH
  • Strong Acidic Water – 2.5 pH

User Friendly

With just a touch of a button, you can have access to any of the 5 waters you choose.

Voice Confirmations

Your machine will confirm the water you have selected with a pleasant voice.

Automatic Cleaning

Periodically controlled by microcomputer.

Smart Filter Technology

Let your machine tell you when it’s time to change filters

7 Platinum-Coated Titanium Plates

The SD501 is Enagic’s “Flagship” model because it provides additional stable oxygen, better micro-clustering, and higher negative ORP levels. Like all 501 models, the SD501 uses innovative electrolysis technology with 7 platinum-coated 99.97% pure titanium electrode plates.

Leveluk SD501 User friendly features:

  • Auto Shutoff and Turn-On
  • Switch-free design
  • Auto Clean Functionality
  • Upgraded Filtration System

Leveluk SD501 Specs

Number of Platinum Plates:8
Size of each plate: (mm)135 x 75
Negative ORP measure: (mV)-722 
Water pH Range:2.5 – 11.5
Types of water:5 types of water 
Wattage rated: (W)230
Complete weight in kilos: (kg)5
Size W x H x D: (mm)264 x 338 x 171
Waterflow rate: (l/min)Kangen Water®: 4.5 – 7.6
Acidic Water: 1.5 – 2.6
Strong Acidic Water: 0.6 – 1.1
Ease of Operation:Fully automatic, easy to operate
Languages spoken:1
Warranty coverage: (years)5

Below is demonstration and setup of a Leveluk SD501 Kangen water machine in a residential kitchen.

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