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Considering Leveluk Super 501 as your Kangen water machine of choice? It may or may not be the right machine for your needs. Is it for personal use or for your business or facility? Do you need to fill multiple containers at the same time?

In the realm of health and wellness, the Leveluk Super 501 is a game-changer. This revolutionary device has been designed with cutting-edge technology to transform ordinary tap water into alkaline, ionized water – a powerful tool for maintaining optimal health. This article will take you on a journey through the impressive features and benefits of this machine, offering compelling evidence of its superiority in the industry.

Let’s take a closer look at the features, price, specs and benefits of this product below.

What is Leveluk Super 501?

Leveluk Super 501 is an advanced Kangen water ionizer from Enagic, one of the leading manufacturers in the health industry. It uses superb technology to transform regular tap water into alkaline water rich in antioxidants and minerals. The machine also has a built-in filtration system that removes chlorine, rust, and other contaminants from the water before it passes through a series of plates inside the ionizer. This process creates electrolysis which helps break down molecules in the water so they are easier for your body to absorb.

The Super 501 is a titan in the field of water ionization. It stands out for its innovative design, featuring a remarkable twelve-electrode system made of pure titanium coated with platinum. This combination ensures top-tier performance and longevity, setting it apart from competitor models.

Moreover, the device boasts an impressive electrolysis chamber with five distinct types of water that cater to various uses: Kangen Water, Clean Water, Beauty Water, Strong Kangen Water, and Strong Acidic Water2. Each type of water has unique properties, making the machine a versatile asset in any household.

Higher Antioxidant Power

Leveluk Super 501 is a powerful water ionizer! It’s able to seamlessly produce 5 different types of water to meet all residential and commercial needs. The 5 types of water are as follows:

  • Strong Kangen Water – 11.5 pH
  • Kangen Water – 8.5 to 9.5 pH
  • Neutral Water – 7 pH
  • Beauty Water – 6 pH
  • Strong Acidic Water – 2.5 pH

12 Platinum-Coated Titanium Plates

Leveluk Super 501 is similar to the SD 501 model externally due to its design, but internally it has a total of 2 chambers that house a total of 12 platinum-coated plates between the two of them. Why should you care?! Because Super 501 let’s you produce a LOT more water (2 streams at the same time) than any of the other machines in the line-up. If you take a look at the specs sheet and compare it to Leveluk K8, you’ll notice that Super 501 is capable of producing water with the highest negative ORP measurement of negative 800. 

Fun fact: The Super 501 got its name as the “Super” version of the SD501, which is the flagship model.

Super 501 Features

  • User Friendly

    With just a touch of a button, you can have access to any of the 5 waters you choose.

    Industrial Strength

    Generate up to 2 gallons of water a minute.

    Automatic Cleaning

    Periodically controlled by microcomputer.

    Smart Filter Technology

    Let your machine tell you when it’s time to change filters.

Super 501 Specifications

Number of Platinum Plates:5 (chamber 1) and 7 (chamber 2)
Size of each plate: (mm)135 x 75
Negative ORP measure: (mV)-800
Water pH Range:2.5 – 11.5
Types of water:5 types of water 
Wattage rated: (W)200
Complete weight in kilos: (kg)10.1
Size W x H x D: (mm)352 x 384 x 250
Waterflow rate: (l/min)Kangen Drinking Water: 4.9 – 7.9
Acidic Water: 1.9 – 3.0
Strong Acidic Water: 1.1 – 3.0
Ease of Operation:Fully automatic, very simple to operate
Languages spoken:1
Warranty coverage: (years)3

Leveluk Super 501 Price

The price of Leveluk Super 501 is $5,980.00. Most customers purchase using a credit card to accumulate reward points and get the most benefits that way. The price may seem high, but for many purchasers this is a business investment and they tend to write it off on their taxes.

If you are a light user and don’t need such a powerful machine, be sure to check out Leveluk K8 and SD501 as they are priced more affordably and have plenty of power to provide the most health benefits to you and your family.

The Science Behind Ionized Water

A significant body of scientific research supports the health benefits of alkaline ionized water. Studies published in reputable journals like the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition and the Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology have demonstrated the antioxidant potential of ionized water, its ability to promote hydration, and its role in balancing the body’s internal environment.

Revolutionizing Health with Antioxidants

One of the key benefits of the Super 501 is its ability to produce water rich in antioxidants. These vital substances help combat harmful free radicals in the body, reducing cellular damage and promoting overall health.

Hydration on a Cellular Level

Hydration is crucial for maintaining a variety of physiological processes. The Leveluk Super 501 excels in this area, with studies showing that the ionized water it produces offers superior hydration compared to regular tap water. This enhanced hydration ability can be attributed to the molecular structure of ionized water, which allows for better penetration and nutrient delivery at the cellular level.

Maintaining pH Balance

An often-overlooked aspect of health is maintaining a balanced pH level within the body. The Leveluk Super 501 plays a pivotal role in this area by producing alkaline water that helps neutralize acidity in the body4. This functionality provides a natural, chemical-free method of achieving a more alkaline state, contributing to overall wellness.

Durability and Longevity: A Smart Investment

The Leveluk SD Super 501 Kangen Water Machine is not just about immediate benefits – it’s a long-term investment in health. The machine’s platinum-coated titanium electrodes contribute to its durability, ensuring consistent performance over an extended lifespan. With proper care, this machine can last over 25 years, making it an investment that continues to pay off long after the initial purchase.

So,whether you’re a health enthusiast looking for the next level of wellness or someone seeking a versatile tool to enhance your household’s health, the Leveluk Super 501 Kangen Water Machine is a compelling choice. Backed by years of research and offering unparalleled functionality, this machine stands as a testament to the power of technology in promoting health and wellness.

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