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Uses and Benefits of Strong 11.5 pH Kangen Water

It is well-known that drinking ample amounts of water is essential for health and wellness. But did you know that the type of water you drink can also have a big impact on your well-being? Among the various types of waters available, one stands out for its many uses: Strong Kangen Water 11.5 pH.

Kangen water is an alkaline ionized water produced by Enagic’s advanced electrolysis system. It has a pH level of 11.5, which means it is more alkaline than regular tap or filtered water. Learn more about kangen water here. In addition to being hydrating, this unique type of water can offer many other benefits thanks to its alkalizing properties. Below are just some of the ways in which strong kangen water can be used:

  • Good Night Sleep: Drink 1/2-1 ounce (15-30ml) of 11.5pH before bedtime to help release Melatonin for a great night’s sleep.
  • Eye Wash: Rinse eyes with an eye cup filled with Strong Alkaline Water 11.5pH according to package directions and wash your eye following package directions for approximately 1 minute. Toss the water away and disinfect again with Strong Adicic Water. Repeat the steps for the second eye as needed to maintain healthy eyes (1-3 times per week). When working to improve any eye condition, follow this protocol at least 2 times daily and up to 10 times per day if necessary.
  • Grease In Eye: Spray 11.5pH as needed to soothe and heal the eye.
  • Make Up Remover: Spray on eyes to dissolve and remove make up with ease!
  • Puffy Eyes: Spray on eyes to reduce puffiness quickly and easily!
  • Hot Bath Soak: Use 1 gallon of 11.5pH added right at the end of filling the tub to soothe tired muscles and relax your body from head-to-toe! This replaces Epsom Salts or another remedy – but works even better if you have access to Anespa DX from Enagic™!
  • Allergies, Cold Symptoms & Snoring Treatment: Use as a nasal wash when sinuses are plugged – reduction in inflammation of nasal passages will also reduce snoring!
  • Bug Repellent & Sunburn Relief: Spray or soak areas with towel soaked in 11.5pH and keep wet by adding small amounts of 11.5pH throughout treatment – minimum 30 minutes twice a day, but best results occur if done for 1 hour twice daily!
  • Heart Burn, Indigestion & Food Poisoning Prevention: Drink 1/4 cup (or 60ml) of fresh 11.5pH immediately followed by 25 ounces (740ml) of 9
  • Arthritis, Gout & Muscle Soreness Treatment: Since high alkalinity draws out acids, you can use the 11.5pH to soak in to ‘pull out’ acids associated with inflammation, injury and pain.
  • Hangover/Migraine Prevention: 11.5pH can prevent hangovers and alleviate migraines – drink several ounces as soon as you feel the migraine coming on!
  • Chemotherapy Support: Drink 11.5pH with chemotherapy for lessened side effects, reversal of metabolic acidosis, and antioxidants that are good for any point in chemotherapy treatment. Apply 11.5pH on the skin twice a day for burns due to chemotherapy too!
  • Stroke Prevention: Drink as much 11.5pH as possible if you feel a stroke coming on – providing potent alkalinity to overcome severe acidosis causing the stroke!
  • Improved Fruits & Vegetables Quality: Soak in 11.5pH for a minimum of 5 minutes to emulsify and clean off pesticides, then rinse with 9.5 pH to get all the benefits from nature’s superfoods!
  • Cold Drinks Refreshment & pH Balance: Make ice cubes with 11.5pH to help off-set acidic drinks like soda and coffee which can cause an imbalance in one’s pH levels over time!
  • Rice, Beans & Legume Health Boost: Soak in 11.5pH for 5-10 minutes and rinse clean with low flow 9.5pH – plus soak dried beans and peas for 1 hour beforehand to speed up cooking!
  • Meat Tenderizing & Cleaning: Soak all meat types in 11.5pH for 5-10 minutes for cleaning and tenderizing before cooking your meals!
  • Laundry Soap Alternative: Use 1-2L of 11.5pH per load in place of laundry soap – works beautifully for greasy smells like Fast-Food restaurant work clothes too (just add a few drops of essential oils after washing and drying your clothes!).
  • Stain Remover Super Power: Use 11.5P pH as an effective degreaser when it comes to removing any type of stain from clothes or carpets – simply soak the area prior to bloting or washing away the stain using water afterwards!
  • Oven Cleaner & Clogged Sinks Solution without Chemicals: Clean oven with scratch pad and11 .5PH instead of chemical cleaner when disolving grease and grime away from surfaces; also use it instead of chemical products when dealing with clogged sinks or bathtubs!
  • Silver Polishing Agent: Soak silver in 11.5 PH then polish away dullness – shining silver pieces will be had shortly after!

Other Uses for 11.5 pH Water

  • Paint Thinner: After using oil based paints, clean up with 11.5pH.
  • Goo Gone: Use 11.5pH to remove greasy, gooey, gummy, sticky problems without the need for chemical solvents.
  • Sprouting: Soak nuts, seeds or grains in 11.5pH for 1 hour to speed up sprouting and get the most out of them!
  • Salad Dressings: Add 1 tbs of 11.5pH to salad dressings to keep the oil emulsified and prevent separation.
  • Fish & Chicken Cleaning & Tenderizing: Soak fish and chicken in 11.5pH for 5-10 minutes to clean off any foreign substances and tenderize the meat before cooking your meals!
  • Digestion Enhancement: Drink 1 ounce (30ml) of 11.5pH 45 minutes before meals to enhance digestion – don’t drink anything during the meal and 30 minutes after either!
  • Steam or Blanch Veggies Enhancer: Use 11.5pH during steam or blanch vegetables to enhance their flavour – as it will also help draw out any excess minerals from them as well!
  • Clothes & Linen Spray Refresher: Mix 11.5pH with a few drops of essential oils in a spray bottle for use on clothes and linens for a refreshing scent!
  • Soaps & Lotions Emulsifier: Use 11.5pH as an emulsifying agent when making soaps and lotions – ensuring that all oils used stay combined properly in your creations!
  • Dark Colored Clothing Dyeing Agent: Use 11.5pH as an effective dye bath when it comes to dying dark colored clothing – allowing you to customize colors quickly and easily!
  • Detoxification Agent: Soak your feet in 11.7 pH one or more times a week for 20 minutes at a time to aid your body’s detoxification process – releasing antioxidants into your blood stream while you soak away whatever may be impeding your progress!
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