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What is Kangen Water and It's Meaning?

According to the dictionary, kangen means “return to origins” “reduction” and “redux“. The meaning of words “kangen water” is water, which has been revived or returned to it’s origins.

This refers to a way to make your water alive again, which refers to the electrolysis process within a kangen water machine. Although it may sound strange, once you understand the process, things start to make sense.

If you think about it, back in the day people used to get water directly from streams, waterfalls and lakes. Basically, their drinking water came directly from mother nature and was charged with antioxidants and higher PH level due to it’s purity.

Things have changed and evolved since then, and these days most people live in cities and get their water directly from tap. Before reaching your tap, this water has to go through a water treatment plant, where often times chemicals (like chlorine and flouride) get added to the water, then it goes through a LOT of metal pipes and eventually come out of your faucet. At this point, your water is basically a zombie, therefore a “revival” or “return to origin” is necessary for you to reap water’s true benefits. 

I know this sounds long and boring, but I hope it breaks down the thinking behind what kangen water really is.

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Where Did The Name Kangen Water Come From?

In terms of it’s name, kangen water is a name for water created by Enagic’s water machines (often called devices). They convert tap water, which is usually PH neutral into Alkaline (higher PH) and Acidic (lower PH) water.

The alkaline drinking water created by this machine is commonly referred to as the Kangen Water.

Enagic coined the term kangen water and over time their machines have become some of the most popular water ionizers on the market today.

Another reason people love these machines, is due to their Japanese origins. Over the years, folks have learned about companies like Toyota and Honda, which are well known for reliability of their products. One of the processes Toyota follows is called Kaizen. In short, it’s a process of “continuous improvement” or “change for the better”. Enagic is a Japanese company, and although they aren’t making very sophisticated machines, they make improvements when needed to make sure the product is the best and most reliable that it can be. 

This is another reason why there are a ton of competitors bashing and comparing themselves to Enagic and their kangen machines, while promoting their cheaper alternatives… Everyone will always goes after the best, which is what you get with Enagic.

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